The Snake River Spaniel Club welcomes spaniel owners as well as owners of other sporting breeds interested in training their dogs in upland hunting techniques.  Currently our members reside in Boise, Caldwell, Eagle, Emmett, Fruitland, Mountain Home, Payette, and Wilder.  We hold quarterly business meetings in January, April, July, and October.  These meetings are held at the Capitol Aven;ue location of Elmer's Restaurant in Boise, and include time for dinner, beverages, and socializing.

Annual dues of $35 are collected in January and cover membership for the calendar year. Proceeds help maintain a loft of feral pigeons that are used throughout the year in live-bird training sessions.

Download our membership form: Word document or Acrobat format.

Club Training Session Etiquette

Our club encourages sportsmen (men and women of all ages) to hunt upland game and waterfowl with trained gundogs of flushing breeds.  Via our club field training sessions, members are able to train together and assist each other to develop their dogs into useful and obedient field companions.

Our club members have a variety of goals for their dogs: hunting companions, Hunt Test qualifications or Field Trial competitors. No matter what your interest, we are committed to help owners develop their dog’s traits and abilities.  Field training sessions include:   questing for flushing fowl, steadying to “flush/shot/fall” (at the owner’s discretion), retrieving (both marked and “blind”) and delivery to handlers.

Given the interest and attendance in our club training sessions, the following practices are required to maximize our field training time and assist those responsible for coordinating the training:

  1. Proper and safe gunning and handling practices will govern all individual actions.
  2. It is up to the discretion of the handler to decide who he wants to gun over his dog.  The gunners are extensions of the handler and as such, will take their directions from the handler.
  3. Blaze Orange garments must be worn at all times.
  4. It is your decision and right to train your dog as you see fit.  An important benefit to club training is the ability to get proper field work with guns and birds.  Once the session commences as a courtesy to others, please restrain your dogs via leads or crates if not actively training.
  5. Certain members have the willingness and capacity to source, obtain and keep training birds.  As such, we will accept responsibility for the prompt payment of any and all costs associated with the birds one uses in a training session.
  6. Training sessions may be held on a variety of public and private land.  First and foremost, we will respect the opportunity to train and view it as a privilege.  Individually and collectively, we will endeavor to follow all rules and regulations associated with the specific training location as well as any general requirements, e.g. Idaho Fish and Game, BLM etc.

Certainly the number of handlers, training locations, availability of training birds, weather, and individual time constraints require us to adapt to each particular circumstance.  Common sense, fairness to all and the underlying premise that we are in the field to enjoy time with our dogs and camaraderie with each other should dictate the training.